USB Rechargeable Heated Vest

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It's winter and it COLD! This Rechargeable Heat Vest keeps you warm when the weather can't! No need to put clothes over clothes, this vest keeps you warm whenever you need.

Note: Look at the sizing chart to find out your size before ordering.

    • This vest was made specifically to help your blood vitals, relieve muscle pains as well as help blood circulation all while keeping your body warm and cozy. This luxury heated material creates a fast and smooth way of warming you up.

      • Increases blood and oxygen levels and promotes metabolism to burn excess fat
      • Improves micro-circulation in your blood and eliminates inflammation
      • Works well with hiking, skiing, fishing, snowboarding and other winter sports
      • Includes a built in USB that can be connected to any power bank or portable charger
      • Comfortable, smooth, and skin-friendly material
      • Lessens the amount of clothes you have to wear for those freezing cold days
      • 100% kid friendly. 

      There are four temperature Levels: 

      1. Red Light (flashes) - automatic heating
      2. Red Light - manual heating, high temperature
      3. White Light - medium temperature
      4. Blue Light - low temperature